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Volumetric Mixing Trucks

Volumetric Mixing trucks carry the materials unmixed, acting as a mobile batching plant. Operators use the electronic system to control the input of aggregate, cement and water for the exact required mix. This method of operation also means that Volumetric Concrete Trucks are considered to be Plant rather than a HGV.

ASC Group & Right Mixer

ASC Group, the parent company of Spotmix Glasgow, has been the UK market leader of the Volumetric Mixer Industry for over 15 years. This experience has allowed us to refine the processes and systems in place to deliver the world's leading Volumetric Concrete Delivery Service. By buying or renting a Volumetric Truck today you can also provide a similar service and benefit from our decades of experience.

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When To Use Volumetric Mixers

Volumetric mixers can be used as a stationary concrete mixer for continuous pour, or can travel unlimited distances with the unmixed materials to your client before mixing on-site to the clients specifications. This ends 'hot loads' and allows for multiple drops of various mix types at multiple locations for greater flexibility. Furthermore the Volumetric system makes it incredibly easy to add extras to the mix, such as Polypropolene Fibres, AEA and Super Plas.

The benefit of mixing on site ensures that if your truck can access an area, you can deliver. Distances to pour and travel times are now a worry of the past.

Additionally if a client has mistakenly ordered the wrong mix type or changes their specifications, this can easily be adjusted on site. Often a client will under or over order their concrete requirement, again this can be rectified easily on site. Anytime concrete is over ordered there is also no requirement to dump the excess on site as we only mix what is required.

Volumetric Mixers excel at the small to medium level work, where the excessive part load fees of drum mixers have previously been prohibitive. This ensures there is a constant stream of consumers looking to partake in the unique benefits offered by Volumetric Mixing.

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