Concrete Suppliers Glasgow

The company supply freshly produced concrete (& screeds) to BS8500 standard from Scotland's largest fleet of Volumetric Mixers.

How it Works

  1. Call one of our local telephone numbers
  2. We require your name, address and telephone number to keep in touch with you through the planning of your project and make sure we are giving you the best price and customer service
  3. We require the size of the area you need to fill with concrete. This is the length x width x depth. Our highly trained dispatchers will help you if required
  4. We take credit card payment for your estimated amount of concrete required
  5. We can place your order for delivery within 1-2 working days, for a delivery time between 8am and 5pm, in a two hour time slot Monday to Saturday. Nightshifts and Sunday work is available on request
  6. We will arrive on the day of delivery and the driver and labourer will prepare the truck (VCM) for mixing the required strength and workability of the concrete required. Using large wheel barrows on the truck the men will barrow the concrete within a 30 meter distance from the rear of the truck within reasonable flat level ground. The VCM will count how much concrete has been mixed
  7. The driver will give you a delivery note and if under ordered you will be charged for the additional concrete supplied
concrete suppliers glasgow

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